During each service, we provide a loving, nurturing environment for your infants and toddlers. Our workers are faithful and dedicated to caring for your children. We use a check in system for safety purposes at MBC.  Each child receives a label with their name and specific instructions as given by parents.  The parents retain a portion of the label assigned to the child and parents must show the nursery/preschool volunteer their label at the time of pick up after services.  We want to insure your precious child’s safety in every way possible.  Our infant and toddler nursery rooms are located on the preschool hallway very close to the sanctuary.

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 We believe the first years are critical in laying a foundation that leads to the child coming to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ.




baby room

As your child grows, we believe parents have an obligation to lead their families in making movie and media choices that are in keeping with biblical standards. Check out the Plugged In link below to aid in these important decisions…