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Tiny Tones

Tiny Tones Choir is for our little ones who love to make a joyful noise. Leaders in this class have a very special calling. As many of you know, dealing with kids this young takes a lot of patience. We’re thankful to say the Lord has sent special helpers to this ministry who love to motivate our tiniest treasures. Presently led by Ashley Painter, Allyson Kay and Emily Lollis, this group is always a delight when they sing for the MBC congregation. We believe that the children who come through here will be forever impacted for the cause of Christ, due to the love and care they will receive each and every week.

  Tiny Tones meet September through May @ 5:00 pm on Sundays.


King’z Kidz

King’z Kidz offers our 1st through 6th grade students a way to express themselves through music and drama. Presently led by Tammy Cox and Cindy Akers, our students present what they are learning during worship times.  It is always a highlight for our congregation.

 King’z Kidz meet September through May @ 5:00 pm on Sundays. 

King'z Kidz